Vancouver’s Best Burger, Vegetarian Edition
”Top of Class, Numero Uno!”
Globe and Mail Alexandra Gill

#2 Best Vegetarian In Vancouver!
The Georgia Straight’s 2019 Gold Metal Plates Industry Choice


We use creativity and the abundance afforded to us by local farmers to create great food, plain and simple. We like to draw inspiration from comfort food classics while making the dishes entirely our own. Our food is made from vegetables and we're happy to show off the variety and amazing potential they can offer. 


Nearly everything is made in-house from our ketchup and mustard to our award-winning vegan and gluten-free burger patty. You won't find seitan, wheat-gluten or any other imitation meat or substitutes. Not that there's anything wrong with those things... we just think that if you can buy it in a store or make it easily at home, why order it in a restaurant?   

The unsuspectingly complex Southern Fried Artichoke Sandwich from Main Street’s casual vegetarian eatery, The Arbor, is an indulgent hit for herbivores and carnivores alike. Inspired by the Southern-fried chicken sandwiches you’d find in Nashville, [this] vegetarian version is not a shy interpretation. Humbly packaged in craft paper, it holds together a boldly flavoured balancing act that stands on its own and remains one of the most popular dishes on the menu at restaurant. Eating this on their patio tucked behind the restaurant is a summertime must.
— Scout Magazine
Now we aren’t ones to usually rave about anywhere that doesn’t serve meat, however, there’s always the exception. The Arbor Restaurant on Main St, offers a variety of vegetarian dishes that will just make you say, ‘wow’!
— The Gourmoo
Top of class, numero uno and scrumptious to the very last bite, the Arburger is a classic, whole food comfort burger made with gourmet flourishes tweaked to perfection... It’s phenomenal.
— The Globe and Mail
BEST IN SHOW: The Arbor’s vegan steamed buns are small but flavourful. “Oh shit, that’s delicious!” said Stansfield upon taking his first bite. Our other judges agreed, praising the balance of sweet and spicy elements: barbecue jackfruit, cilantro sauce, cucumber “quickles” and shiitake mushrooms.
— Vancouver Magazine
Lip-smacking, deeply-satiating foods like poutine, burgers, fried oysters, pulled pork, and southern fried sandwiches don’t have to be sourced from junk. And in The Arbor’s case, they don’t even have to be sourced from animals.
— Hazel Noix


3941 Main St
Vancouver, BC



Sunday - Thursday
11am - 11pm

Friday & Saturday
11am - 12am



(604) 620-3256